The Client

Devizes Leisure Centre is managed by Wiltshire Council, based in the market town of Devizes, Wiltshire it serves local schools & community. The leisure centre operates 7 days a week with long opening hours & offers a range of facilities from a large sports hall to swimming.

As part of our wider energy reduction work with Wiltshire Council, SMARTech energy undertook an in-depth analysis of energy consumption at Devizes Leisure Centre.

How We Helped

One key area identified was the old 32.5KW Chiller which was constantly failing and as it cools the gym and fitness studio this was an ideal opportunity to prove the real potential of evaporative cooling.

When designing and specifying the energy management solution, SMARTech energy looked at the constant heat loads within Devizes Leisure Centre and targeted to reduce this heat load to ensure the system ran as optimal as possible. This was identified as the traditional fluorescent lighting which we not only upgraded to energy efficient LED lighting but we also redesigned the lighting layout to reduce the amount of lighting by 30%, which helped to reduce the average temperature within the gym by one degree.

We specified two SMART evaporative cooling systems which each has a maximum power rating of 3.6kW. The technology works by moving outside air over water soaked filters which changes the state of the air and lowers it temperature, which when compared to air conditioning or chillers can operate with up to 90% less energy and no harmful refrigerants are required.

The new SMART evaporative cooling system is designed to be controlled by PLC controller (Programmable Logic Controller) to allow easy access and parameter adjustments of the system, which is accessed via a touchscreen. We also had bespoke scheduling tool developed to allow schedules to be set up and easily adjusted enabling automated variance in temperatures for each zones for various classes.

Energy saved

78.8% Energy Reduction

2.5 Year Payback

SMARTech energy Managing Director Stuart Pearce said,

“ We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Wiltshire Councils and Devizes Leisure Centre to install the SMART evaporative cooling systems. By taking a holistic approach to energy management and not looking at the cooling in isolation, we have been able to identify impressive savings for Devizes Leisure Centre”.


Can We Help You

If you are concerned about high energy costs and use air conditioning or chiller units to cool your facility why not contact us to find out more about our SMART evaporative cooling systems, which are great applications for offices, server rooms, factories and print presses to name a few.

Our case study on SMARTech energy’s working with Devizes Leisure Centre tells the story of how we helped reduce their energy consumption but solve their cooling problems. If you would like to reduce energy waste, improve your working environment, boost profits and cut carbon emissions then why not contact us to find out more about our Smart Energy Management Service. As a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier, we can also help most business access a 30% capital grant (up to a limit of £10,000) towards the cost of energy saving projects. Please contact us through our website or call us on 01225 635660.