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About SMARTech energy    management & reduction specialists

Launched in 2014, SMARTech energy are leaders in energy management and reduction for commercial businesses and organisations in the UK

Over the past seven years, we’ve built up a track record from helping our customers to reduce their energy consumption costs by up-to 50% year on year.

This industry know-how means the teams across our services – from our energy management consultants, through to our electrical services contractors are experts in the development and implementation of low carbon technologies; from LED lighting to boilers and air conditioning, to power management (voltage optimisation and power factor correction) just to name a few.

With a wealth of experience gained from a wide range of contracts throughout the UK – from local government to public and private businesses and organisations, we deliver commercially viable solutions; which are good for the environment and our customer’s bottom line.

SMARTech energy’s rigorous operating procedures across all services, reinforces our commitment to high levels of ‘on-site’ service.

Whereas most energy reduction specialists focus on one specific technology, SMARTech energy’s unique selling proposition enables our team to analyse the energy performance across a customer’s site and optimise the energy savings by combining the low-carbon technologies.

Energy Efficiency as a Service

SMARTech energy have recently launched Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS).  Requiring no upfront costs, risk or lease, it enables organisations to upgrade their electrical assets to more energy efficient systems – without any upfront costs.  The energy savings pay for the upgrades.  Speak to our team on 01225 635 660 or get in touch via our contact us page.

Building an energy efficient, low carbon future.
We take great care and pride in solving our client’s problems. Partnering with them to achieve their cost efficiency, energy security, and environmental goals.


SMARTech energy are seeking passionate, driven individuals to join our expanding team across all of our services – from electricians to heating and cooling specialists and energy management positions

The benefits of working at SMARTech energy

As part of our culture and values, we believe in rewarding our staff with a great selection of benefits.

We even throw in a few jollies for good measure.

SMARTech energy Core Values

Would you like to rein in your energy consumption and save of money?


Our degree of expertise is constructed and delivered through consistency in our practice, presentation and collaboration with our clients and partners. The flexible service SMARTech Energy Consultancy provide is entirely customer focused, helping others achieve their own energy, financial and environmental goals.


SMARTech Energy Consultancy strive for our work to be trusted as reliable and accurate. We encourage disciplined practise methods and respect our client’s business and our impact upon it.


SMARTech Energy Consultancy share belief and pride in the work we do; its positive impact on our environment is an easy motivation.

Conscious consideration of our surroundings keeps us driven and focused during working days.


Support within our team is strong and built on good ethics, honesty and respect. This attitude is carried naturally through to our clients who we treat as another member of the SMARTech Energy Consultancy team.

Become a more sustainable business

Our unique methodology is to help with the following:

Take Control

Carry out an Energy Management Survey with the aid of installing energy monitoring equipment to identify wastage, understand how, where and when energy is used.


Present a report with areas of wastage and recommendations of how to prevent this energy wastage. We also supply an overview on financial and carbon emission savings, costs of solutions and the payback.


Develop an energy plan which fit’s with the business plan and outlines targeted percentage of savings.

Take action to reduce

Implement the energy plan to achieve targeted savings.

Quantify savings

By measuring and quantifying the achieved savings of each action of stage four, this allows the client to justify each investments made.


This stage will be the implementation of any renewable solutions to make the business as self-sustainable as possible.
Businesses can achieve up to 50% energy reduction of the clients total energy consumption before implementing renewable solutions.

Grants and Funding

Benefit from the fully funded, shared savings Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS) solution, the Annual Investment Allowance and Green Loans for your energy efficiency projects



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