Air Conditioning Energy Saver

The World needs greater Air Conditioning Energy Saving

ACES Air Conditioning Energy Saver

save up to 35%

SMARTech energy’s Air Conditioning Energy Saving solution (ACES) provides just that.

ACES are used to reduce the energy consumption of commercial air conditioning systems, this smart energy saving solution will enhance your equipment’s performance, reduce operating and maintenance costs.

The two main and trusted products in the range consist of the ACES (Air Conditioning Energy Saving) standard and the ACES.

The ACES standard ensures your existing air conditioning system performs at its most efficient capacity by directly addressing of thermodynamic saturation that occurs in all air conditioning systems. Through advance temperature sensing and control algorithms ACES standard identifies the exact point at which thermodynamic saturation is reached and switches the compressor off and back on as required.

This amazing but small low cost solution can improve your comfort levels and extend your equipment’s longevity but most importantly can produce savings of 35% on your air conditioning annual energy consumption.

For more information contact SMARTech energy on 0845 647 6278 or visit the website to download the Air Conditioning Energy Saving brochure.