Why not generate your own heating & hot water?


Bio Mass Pellet, Log or Woodchip Boilers

With the cost of gas, LPG and heating oil increasing year on year and hundreds of thousands of new houses being built yearly this is putting strains on the demand of fossil fuels, which will not last forever unless managed. There are several other options to enable you to generate your own heating and hot water, but Bio Mass is the one with the highest Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI) which are the payments awarded and paid by the government for 20 years, and these are tax free and index linked.

Biomass is a collection of energy sources made from living or recently living organisms with the oldest of these being wood. People have been burning wood for heat and to cook on in their homes for hundreds of thousands of years. It is carbon neutral because it releases the same amount of CO2 when burned as it absorbed during its life. Wood fuel biomass boilers make very efficient use of this energy, converting up to 95% of it into usable heat which compares to only 17% for open fires. Correctly managed, biomass is a sustainable fuel that can deliver a significant reduction in net carbon emissions when compared to traditional fossil fuels.

There are three main types of fuel which are used in biomass boilers, logs, wood pellets and wood chip another alternative is miscanthus which is a fast growing energy crop produced in the UK. The biomass fuel is loaded either manually or automatically and the boiler automatically controls the amount of oxygen that is put into the burn chamber depending on your heating and hot water requirements.

A Biomass boiler system works by replacing your current solution with a wood burning boiler system. Most clients prefer the automatic fuel feed system. To enable the boiler system to manage itself most of the time; you just need to empty the ash bin every now and then and ensure you have plenty of wood fuel in the wood store. Now the Biomass boiler is acting as the heat source and your current heating system is connected up to to the boiler system so you are then running on a renewable heat solution and becoming more self sustainable and earning a tidy income out of the heat you use.

Bio Mass is not the suitable for every business due to the type of business or the location, so to find out more and understand how a Bio Mass Boiler System would benefit your business, contact SMARTech energy today.


  • Get paid to generate your own heating & hot water through government paid Renewable Heat incentive (RHI)
  • RHI payments are awarded for 20 years, which are tax free and index linked.
  • Energy efficient by using up to 95% of the possible heat generated form burning wood fuels.
  • Carbon Neutral as it releases the same amount of CO2 when burned as it absorbed during its life
  • Eligible for Carbon Trust energy efficiency loan

Energy Savings up to 33%
Reduce maintenance by up to 50%
Extend equipment life up to 50%
Provide more accurate control of food temperature 75%