Guaranteed Energy Savings

Guaranteed savings with energy efficient technology

Giving you the knowledge you need to control your energy consumption and reduce energy costs

SMARTech energy’s low carbon technology solutions will guarantee to save energy, save money and save carbon.

Reduce energy consumption

Optimise energy savings with energy efficient technology.

Reducing a commercial site’s energy consumption is what really lowers a business’s exposure to a volatile energy market.

Energy Management Strategy

The development and understanding of energy management strategies and the installation of energy efficient technologies is what really helps businesses and organisations to cut energy costs.

Electrical and Gas saving technologies

SMARTech energy analyse the energy performance across a customer’s site to identify both electrical and gas saving technologies which helps to optimise energy savings and which constantly improve the operational energy consumption of a site.

Our team can deliver and install more than 33 energy efficient technologies; ensuring they all save energy, save costs and save carbon.

LED Lighting

Solar Photovoltaic

Energy Monitoring

Evaporative Cooling


Heating Solutions

Power Quality Optimisation

Our specialist energy consultancy design team work on a wide variety of projects.  The following case studies represent just a few of the industries where our engineers have installed energy monitoring systems to identify energy usage.

Herman Miller logo

Energy Monitoring within the Education Sector

£200,000 energy savings for University Technical College Swindon

Framptons logo

Energy Monitoring for food manufacturer

Energy monitoring for Framptons food manufacturer identifies more than 30% energy savings

Dairy barn energy monitoring

Energy Monitoring within the farming industry

Energy monitoring study predicted energy savings of 89% within the dairy barn.

Why choose SMARTech energy?

Our energy consultancy team have the technical know-how to control your energy costs with real-time energy monitoring equipment.  For more information and bespoke energy solutions for your building portfolio, contact us now.
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