Save up to 18% with Voltage Optimisation



The UK changed its electricity supply to 400/230 volts +10%(253v) -6% (216v) to be in line with Europe in 1995. However, many business premises are using and operating in the higher tolerance of these parameters i.e. 240 & 250 volts.  Electrical equipment supplied to the UK is designed to operate within this full voltage supply range, however, it operates at optimum energy efficiency at 380/220 volts.

Using higher voltage will have a negative impact on your electricity consumption as more energy is used than is required. Not only does higher voltage cost more money (through wasted energy), but other issues experienced include the shortened life of electrical equipment, light fittings malfunction & additional heat generation and vibration.

SMARTech energy has a SMART solution Voltage Optimisation which is the most technology-advanced solution available which enables your facility to operate at its optimum energy efficiency level, by dynamically controlling and stabilises the voltage provided to all loads in the facility generating immediate energy savings of up to 18% improving power quality by mitigating harmonics and reducing voltage spikes, as well as extending equipment lifetime.

As experts in utilising a variety of SMART technologies, SMARTech energy will identify the most appropriate Voltage Optimisation unit for your organisation by carrying out a full energy management survey to understand the loads on site with minute by minute energy monitoring to enable the correct sized unit to be specified.

To find out more and understand how much energy Voltage Optimisation can save your business contact us today.

Voltage Optimisation


  • Energy Savings of up to 18% of total site electric consumption
  • Voltage phase balancing
  • Can significantly reduce heating, noise and vibration distortion
  • Can improve power factor
  • Extends equipment lifespan by preventing voltage spikes
  • Eligible for Carbon Trust energy efficiency loan
Total Energy Consumption Savings up to 18%
Total Carbon Savings of up to 18%
Extends equipment lifespan by up to 100%
Improve Power Factor by up to 10%