For a company with a profit margin of 15%, reducing energy costs by £15,000 per annum is the equivalent of bringing in £100,000 worth of new business.

The past year has been incredibly challenging for companies across the UK and ‘Lockdown 2:0’ is set to present another round of disruption for businesses.

Never before has the focus on a company’s bottom line been so important and for businesses looking to increase profits without guaranteeing an increase in sales, one of the simplest things organisations can do is to save money on energy costs.

Cut Carbon Emissions, Reduce Energy Consumption and Save on Energy Costs

Corsham-based SMARTech energy are specialists in energy management and reduction solutions and work with businesses and organisations to cut carbon emissions, reduce energy consumption and save on energy costs.

By defining the right solution for our customers, SMARTech energy have become leading suppliers and installers of more than 30 energy saving technologies; covering energy monitoring, LED lighting and air cooling solutions.

However, with energy efficiency drives sometimes seen as non essential to the survival of a business, SMARTech energy have had to adapt their service offering to meet the needs of its clients.

Energy Efficiency as a Service:  The No Capex approach to an energy reduction programme

The launch of an ‘Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS)’ solution enables organisations to implement energy efficiency projects – but without capital expenditure, finance leasing or risk.

It represents a shift from customer-owned equipment, towards a model where SMARTech energy invests in energy efficient technologies; with the savings shared between the customer and SMARTech energy and are guaranteed at between 15% and 50%; enabling organisations to easily integrate energy efficiency projects into a business process.

Using a diverse portfolio of more than 33 energy saving technologies, SMARTech energy maintains ownership of the technologies, designs the project, funds the materials and installation costs and monitors the performance to validate the energy savings. The energy savings are then split approximately 33% and 67% between the client and SMARTech energy respectively.

Managing Director of SMARTech energy Stuart Pearce said “The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a huge financial blow to many businesses and with energy being one of the most significant costs for an organisation, reducing it is incredibly important to the overall bottom line, business profitability, growth and sustainability”.

Free Energy Consultation

For a free energy consultation and to find out more information on Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS), please contact our energy consultancy team on 01225 635 660 or contact us through the website