Energy Efficiency as a Service – The Fully Funded, No CapEx, No Lease and No Risk Approach to Energy Efficiency Programmes

With a huge financial gain and an instant return on investment, Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS) is a fully funded, No CapEx, No lease and No risk approach to implementing an energy reduction programme.

It’s set as a huge opportunity for those organisations with high energy usage – who want to improve business sustainability and profitability by reducing their energy spend and carbon emissions – but who cannot commit to the capital expenditure or lease costs of expensive low-energy technology projects.

Wiltshire-based energy management and reduction specialist SMARTech energy, are working with organisations across the UK to manage and reduce their energy consumption through the Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS) model.

Energy Efficiency as a Service set to save food distributor more than £490k on energy spend

With the energy spend for one food distributor forecast at £1.95m over a 7 year period, energy savings over the terms of the EEaas Model are expected at more than £490k with carbon savings of more than 900 tonnes.  SMARTech energy’s EEaaS offering has effectively enabled their client in the food distribution sector to increase overall profits on their bottom line – without the need to increase sales.

How does Energy Efficiency as a Service work?

Using a diverse portfolio of more than 33 energy saving solutions, SMARTech energy identifies areas where energy efficient technologies can reduce consumption (guaranteed to be between 20%-50%) and invests in the technology, materials, installation and maintenance; while monitoring performance to validate energy savings.  In return, SMARTech energy takes a share of verified cost savings over the length of the contract; with a typical 1/3 split between the client and SMARTech energy.

Cut Carbon Emissions, Reduce Energy Consumption and Save on Energy Costs

Energy Efficiency as a Service not only enables organisations to cut carbon emissions, reduce energy consumption and save on energy costs, but also demonstrates a commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Managing Director of SMARTech energy Stuart Pearce said “Over the course of this year, the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a huge financial blow to many businesses and with energy being one of the most significant costs for an organisation, reducing it is incredibly important to the overall bottom line, business profitability, growth and sustainability”.

Stuart adds “With energy efficiency drives sometimes seen as non essential to the survival of a business, SMARTech energy have had to adapt their service offering to meet the needs of its clients.  All organisations have the potential for energy efficiency improvements and fundamentally, Energy Efficiency as a Service can transform how organisations can implement these improvements”.

Free Energy Consultation

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