SMARTdrive – boosting fuel economy and managing driver behaviour with energy efficient technology

Managing a fleet efficiently and safely is a constant challenge.  Driver behaviour, vehicle maintenance and fuel costs are all major factors impacting on profitability.

Corsham-based energy management and reduction specialist SMARTech energy, have today launched a sustainable vehicle management application designed to help organisations to not only improve fuel efficiency and fuel economy, but also to enforce better driver behaviour.

Lower fleet costs by focusing on driver behaviour

Implementing systems which improve driving will lay the foundation for greater efficiency and lower fleet management costs – rather than generating more unnecessary costs through maintenance and wear and tear.

SMARTdrive is an on-board solution installed into the vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU).

With guaranteed savings of 8% in HGV and 10% in cars and LCV, the software is designed to introduce restrictions to speed and engine RPM; whilst enforcing improved driver behaviour, safety and fuel efficiency – offers significant cost reductions.

Improve profitability and sustainability across a business

MD of SMARTech energy, Stuart Pearce said “SMARTdrive gives organisations the information and control they need to improve a fleet’s efficiency – whether its improving driver behaviour, reducing maintenance or optimising fuel usage.  For industries wishing to remain competitive, it’s the development of efficient technologies such as SMARTdrive that are helping organisations to make smarter, faster business decisions – essential for improved profitability and sustainability across a business”.

Stuart continues “For many organisations with a large fleet of vehicles.  Fuel is a key area of expenditure.  With these costs set to rise over the long term, organisations are being forced to implement systems and processes which reduce inefficiencies”.

Why use energy efficient technology for fleet management?

Margins in haulage have always been small and with fuel representing up to 25-30% of an organisation’s operating costs, these savings can make a dramatic impact on the bottom line.

Companies with substantial annual fuel and maintenance bills are therefore increasingly considering the role that energy efficient technologies – such as SMARTdrive can play to improve factors affecting fleet management.  Moreover, it is technology which can also support an organisation’s drive towards a low carbon, sustainable future which gives them an additional gain.

Ultimately, SMARTdrive is about boosting fuel efficiency and improving driver safety; giving organisations the control they need to reduce the operating costs of their fleet.

For more information and a free trial, contact our SMARTdrive team on 01225 635 660 or 01482 688 555.