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Energy Saving Proof of Concept implemented for world’s leading fine wine storage specialist

The Client

Situated on the outskirts of Corsham, Wiltshire, under the tiny village of Gastard is Octavian, the world’s leading fine wine storage specialist.  Octavian is custodian to more than 800,000 cases of the most valuable wines; collections worth over £1 billion.  Once a limestone mine, the 16-acre honeycomb of tunnels, situated 100 feet underground, provides the ideal environment for the storage of vintage wines.

Octavian partnered with SMARTech energy to improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of the business, and to reduce the high maintenance costs associated with its legacy lighting system.

How We Helped

wilthsire energy saving company

The honeycomb of tunnels covers over 16 acres or 20 football pitches.

With legacy lighting across the 16-acre site, the investment required for the whole site was substantial.  It was critical that the solution be proved to deliver significant energy savings.

An initial Proof of Concept saw SMARTech energy design a bespoke solution which included LED lighting for one of the smaller stores.  The specified solution included a control strategy incorporating sensors to maximise energy savings without impeding day to day operations.

To prove the savings, we installed real time energy monitoring equipment to monitor energy consumption before and after the lighting upgrade works.  Minute by minute monitoring provided the accurate, unbiased analytical data that proved that an 81.3% saving was achieved.

81.3% Energy Saving

3.5 tonne carbon reduction

3.9 year pay back after A.I.As

In addition to energy savings, the new lighting also improved lux levels in the store and, with an estimated lifespan of 17 years, will eliminate on-going maintenance costs for years to come.

Confident that the anticipated savings will be achieved, a lighting strategy for the rest of the site was developed.  This included the installation of a new 830 metre LED emergency lighting circuit, eliminating the costs of constant replacement of emergency packs.  SMARTech energy have partnered with Octavian to implement the plan through 2017.

Measurement & Verification

wiltshire energy saving company

Octavian Lighting Upgrade. Hourly average energy consumption. Before v After

To prove the savings achieved from the initial Proof of Concept lighting upgrade, SMARTech energy installed Eniscope, the best in class real-time energy management solution.

For businesses who wish to invest in load-side energy saving solutions in the hope of reducing their power demand, and consequentially their bills, then real-time energy monitoring and analytics are indispensable allies giving:

  • 24/7, second by second monitoring (minute by minute analytics) of energy consumption.
  • Continuous, remote monitoring with data being able to be viewed in real-time on any computer, or across a range of mobile devices.
  • Accurate measurement of up to 30 electrical parameters and able to read existing meters (e.g. gas and water).
  • Web based analytics and energy diagnostics tool giving rich insights into energy consumption and the health of your power supply.  This can be compared over days, weeks, months or even year.

Real-time energy monitoring completely removes the risk of investing in solutions that may sound good, but don’t ‘cut the mustard’.  Through energy monitoring, SMARTech energy were able to prove that the initial Proof of Concept delivered an 81.3% energy saving giving, Octavian the confidence to invest further in energy saving solutions.

Re-lamping to Minimise Costs and Maximise Savingsenergy saving led tubes

In order to minimise the investment costs required to deliver the energy savings opportunities across the whole site, SMARTech energy included re-lamping where appropriate into the scheme design.

In certain circumstances, re-lamping existing fluorescent fittings rather than replacing the whole fitting can be the best overall solution.  Whilst not right in every situation, our design for Octavian included retro-fitting T8 LED tubes into existing fittings whilst installing timing and sensor controls to maximise the energy saving achieved from the investment.

  • T8 LED Tubes
  • Reduced electricity consumption by up to 70%.
  • LED Tubes typically last 3 times longer than fluorescents tubes.
  • Reduced heat output by up to 95%.
  • No toxic chemicals (fluorescent tubes contain phosphor, mercury and lead).
  • High lumen per watt output 130 L/W.
  • Better quality light output when specified correctly.
  • Environmentally / Food prep area friendly – our LED tubes contain no glass.
  • High power driver efficiency >85%.
  • No Ultra Violet light and no flicker.
  • CE & RoHS complaint.
  • 5-year standard warranty.

Can we help you?

Our case study on SMARTech energy’s work with Octavian tells the story of how we helped reduce their energy consumption in more depth. If you would like to reduce energy waste, boost profits and cut carbon emissions then why not contact us to find out more about our Energy Management Surveys. As a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier, we can also help most business access a 30% capital grant (up to a limit of £10,000) towards the cost of energy saving projects. Please contact us through our website or call us on 01225 635660.