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Save up to 80% energy saving with LED Lighting and save up to 33% on your refrigeration costs with CUES


SMARTech energy offer a wide and varied range of business energy saving solutions to help you control and reduce your commercial electric consumption.

The most important of our Electric Saving Solutions is our Eniscope energy monitoring solution which helps you monitor your energy consumption minute by minute, then analyse the data to identify WHERE, WHEN and HOW your energy is being consumed.

Then we move onto our other electric saving solutions then enable you to improve power quality, improve your light quality and reduce energy consumption with our LED lighting solutions which also can incorporate motion detection so they are only on when they need to be. Finally we are able to offer electric saving solutions that specialise in reducing energy consumption in your refrigeration, Air Conditioning and motors.

Air Conditioning 

SMARTech energy - ACES

SMARTech energy’s range of air conditioning solutions have been designed to significantly reduce energy running costs while maintaining, and often improving comfort levels.

Energy Management

SMARTech energy – Eniscope

With our range of renewable energy solutions benefiting from government incentives such as FIT’s or RHI payments we can specify the correct solution to suit your business needs.

Business Lighting Solutions

SMARTech energy – Lighting solutions for business

Our LESS range of intelligent lighting and LED lighting can save up to 90% energy than your current lighting solution and also reduce heat output which saves on your air conditioning costs.

Motor Optimisation

SMARTech energy – Motor optimisation

Our range of motor optimisation solutions can achieve energy savings between 40% and 60%, and are eligible for Carbon Trust energy efficiency loans.

Refrigeration Solutions 

SMARTech energy – Lighting solutions for business

A refrigeration system commonly run cycles of cooling which switch on and off according to the fluctuations in air temperature, wasting money by making the unit work harder than it needs to.

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