Top 5 Tips for farming energy efficiency savings

…Our Top 5 Tips for farming energy efficiency saving and how this can boost profits…

Despite an increase in the overall number of businesses successfully implementing energy saving measures, there still remains a number of sectors where small changes could see great improvements.

One such sector is farming, which in recent years has been heavily affected by the economic downturn. Indeed it is estimated that in 2000 the net income for the average farm was a mere £8,700. As such any farming energy efficiency savings that could be made would have a huge impact on the bottom line.

A simple but effective solution to not only save money but also to make it is through key energy saving processes. As a result our top 5 tips for the farming industry are:

  1. LED Lighting – simply switching across to LED’s can save up to 50% on the running costs of lighting and also reduce ongoing maintenance needs.
  2. Motor Optimisation – by optimising electric motors, savings of between 20% to 60% can be made. Decreased maintenance requirements also lead to significant reductions in downtime.
  3. Voltage Optimisation – farms with over 235 volts can see savings of up to 15% of the total site consumption.
  4. Solar PV – the self-generation of energy can result in not only an end to ongoing energy costs but can also lead to income gains.
  5. Heating for Hot Water – the evaluation and introduction of an energy efficient hot water system will also yield good dividends.

In summary a well-planned and carefully executed energy management programme can reduce costs, improve profitability and increase the lifetime of the farm.

SMARTech are ideally located to provide total support through a simple but effective process. Starting with an energy management review, followed by the identification of any energy wastage and culminating in the development of a comprehensive energy plan, working alongside carbon trust finance solutions we can also provide full project financing. You can contact us through the website here and visit our download page here for more information on our LED lighting solutions.