Efficient DHW & Heating systems

Blades Low Carbon Systems

The Blades Low Carbon System is an ultra-efficient gas fired heating and hot water system and is 97% efficient

Blades Low Carbon System High Performance and Super Efficient Heating Solutions

Reduce Carbon Emissions and Save on Heating and Hot Water Costs

At 97% efficient and with energy savings of up to 60%, the Blades Low Carbon System is regarded as one of the most energy efficient gas fired heating and hot water systems available.

How do Blades Low Carbon Water Heaters Work?

BLADES Low Carbon Systems incorporate simple modular technology to create the world’s most efficient gas fired heating and hot water boiler system.

The modular technology allows systems to be built to meet any requirement by joining banks of servers via a manifold – which means that the BLADES Low Carbon System will have a solution for your business.

The BLADES Low Carbon System is a pre-assembled boiler and hot water system, built in to a powder-coated mild steel frame, to aid in a fast installation – and with immediate system savings and ROI investment.

SMARTech energy are specialists in the installation, maintenance and repair of Blades Low Carbon Systems

SMARTech energy can specify the correct system to meet your company’s requirements, and not just supply the system, but also project manage the installation and commissioning to supply a complete turn key solution.

Blades Low Carbon Boiler System


  • Energy savings of up to 60%
  • Designed to provide high efficiency – 97% to exact
  • Extremely fast DHW (domestic hot water) recovery and heating solutions
  • Pre-assembled in a purpose built frame to enable quick installation, to minimise downtime
  • The unit is fully functioning factory tested prior to delivery
Blades Low Carbon Boiler System

Eligible for Carbon Trust energy efficiency loan