Infrared heating is up to 60% more efficient

Infrared Heating for businesses in Wiltshire and the South West

Infrared heating can give energy savings of up to 60% compared to convectional heating

Infrared Heating is quicker to install by up to 80% and can reduce heating costs by up to 60%

Infrared heating is up to 60% more efficient than conventional convection heating and offers opportunities to zone and control your heating requirements with low installation and zero maintenance costs.

SMARTech Infrared heatingThis Infrared heating technology works by heating objects in the room including the walls and floor which radiate the heat back to us. Conventional heating works by heating the air in a room which uses more energy than infrared heating.

By heating the air, the convection heaters also dispense very dry air which causes discomfort for anyone exposed to this appliance for long periods of time.

Other advantages include zero maintenance and servicing costs as the infra-red heaters contain no moving parts.

SMARTech energy are pleased to offer Infrared heating, an energy efficient heating solution that can improve the efficiency of heating requirements by up to 60%, whilst at the same time providing more pleasant working environment.

Visit SMARTech Heating to find out how our Infrared Heating can give your business energy savings of up to 60% compared to convectional heating.

Infrared heating heats zones where people work not the whole area / building

Energy Savings up to 60% with no energy costs

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