Infrared heating is up to 60% more efficient

Infrared Ceiling Mounted Heat Panels: energy efficient, easy to install and zero maintenance

Infrared heating can give energy savings of up to 60% compared to convectional heating

Energy efficient heating solutions for commercial offices and industrial spaces

Commercial sites such as factory spaces are often poorly insulated and heating areas presents many challenges; not least due to a site’s differing use; (workshops, offices, spray shops and stores).

SMARTech energy are specialists in identifying low-carbon technologies and provide a turn-key design and installation solution to meet the thermal requirements of a site.

Infrared heating is up to 60% more efficient than conventional convection heating and offers opportunities to zone and control your heating requirements with low installation and zero maintenance costs.

The infrared technology means no heat is wasted; helping to reduce energy consumption, energy costs and carbon emissions.

Infrared ceiling mounted heat panels.  Energy efficient, easy to install and zero maintenance.

Infrared panels heat people and surfaces in the room; which improves the working environment for staff.