Reduce energy costs with energy monitoring

For a company with a profit margin of 15%, reducing energy costs by £15,000 per annum is the equivalent of bringing in £100,000 worth of new business.

Save up to 30% in energy savings – and thousands of tonnes in carbon savings

SMARTech energy’s expertise in energy consultancy, monitoring and installation has helped organisations to achieve up to 30% in energy savings, along with thousands of tonnes in carbon savings.  Read our case study on Clamason Industries.

  • Energy monitoring gets you the knowledge you need to reduce your energy consumption
  • Improve your building’s energy performance
  • Improve resource efficiency
  • Reduce operating costs and carbon emissions
  • Comply with legislation and help achieve Net Zero targets

Whether it’s cutting down on energy consumption, changing behaviours or reducing machine inefficiencies, energy monitoring tracks energy usage and power consumption.

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