Retro fit LED lighting T8 tubes and save over 50% on your energy consumption

SMARTech energy T8 LED commercial lightingThere has been significant advancement in lighting technology over recent decades, especially in the advancement in LED lighting. Organisations are reacting to this and moving towards more energy efficient forms of lighting especially LED lighting due to high levels of savings which can be achieved.

The SMARTech energy’s range of commercial LED lighting provides at least the same light level as your current solution, but in most cases a far better quality of light.

For example a standard high frequency florescent tube, such as a 36 watt T8 4ft tube can be replaced with an 18 watt LED tube which produces at least the same amount of light, while only using 18W of electricity. As soon as the light is turned back on, a 50% reduction in energy consumption is achieved.

Further savings are achieved as the ballast / control gear is removed, for example when retrofitting a twin T8 6ft light fitting each florescent tube consumes 70 watts and the control gears consumes 13 watts per tube, which equals 166 watts per fitting this can lead to a total energy saving of 66.3%.

LED lights also runs cooler than traditional fluorescent tubes and for buildings which are air-conditioned, climate control costs can also be reduced by 5%.

The fluorescent tube will in most cases burn out or deliver real low light levels after 10,000 hours. The SMARTech energy commercial LED lighting has a R70 (meaning 70% light output will still be delivered at 50,000 hours) working life of over 50,000 hours saving the cost of replacement tubes and reduced maintenance costs.

The lens are mad of polycarbonate which are shatter-proof enabling them to be used in all applications including food preparation areas, the lens are available in either frosted or clear lens options. SMARTech energy’s LED lighting offers great savings at often less than half the cost and comes with 5 years warranty.

Why not check out the link below to video case study which gives you a great example of a recent project that we have completed using our T8 commercial LED lighting solution – Old Mill Accountants & Financial Planners, Melksham, Wiltshire.

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