The Power of Energy Management Surveys

It can be very easy to talk about money saving initiatives through energy management but how can you actually show the saving before it evens exists?

At SMARTech energy we have devised our own SMART methodology to energy management and reduction, with the aim of aiding businesses to achieve total energy efficiency with minimum or no energy wastage or leakages.

We start with the basics of understanding WHERE, WHEN & HOW energy is being consumed. This then enables us to evaluate where energy is being wasted and most importantly by how much.

To achieve this we conduct an Energy Management Survey which includes stages one, two & three of our nine stage methodology.

Energy Management Survey stages 1 Control, 2 Review, 3 Plan - SMARTech energy

Once these stages are complete your business will have a working document which includes the energy plan to enable your business to make an informed decision to take action and become more sustainable and energy efficient, plus increase profit margins in the process.  By using our methodology to create an energy plan we aim to achieve energy savings of between 30% to 50% and are that confident that we use our state of the art energy monitoring equipment to quantify each step of the way.

Our Energy Management Surveys are available to all types of businesses from manufacturing to healthcare, educational to recreational.

If you would like us to come and meet with you to discuss how we could evaluate your energy saving potential then please contact us through the website here or call us on 01225 635660.