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SMARTech energy management and reduction specialists

Leaders in energy management and reduction and the provision of specialist commercial electrical services, heating & cooling solutions and energy management consultancy

Launched in 2014, we’ve built up a track record by helping our customers to reduce their energy consumption costs by up-to 50% year on year.

This industry know-how means the teams across our services – from our energy management consultants, through to our electrical services contractors are experts in the development and implementation of low carbon technologies; from LED lighting to boilers and air conditioning just to name a few.

With a wealth of experience gained from a wide range of contracts throughout the UK – from local government to public and private businesses and organisations, we deliver commercially viable solutions; which are good for the environment and our customer’s bottom line.

SMARTech energy’s rigorous operating procedures across all services, reinforces our commitment to high levels of ‘on-site’ service.

SMART Energy Management Service

SMARTech energy Consultancy – SMART Energy Management Service
For most businesses an in-house energy manager would be key to unlocking big energy savings, however, this is not always an option. We can provide the next best thing – our SMART Energy Management Service.

Energy Management Surveys (EMS)

SMARTech energy Consultancy – Energy Management Surveys (EMS)
SMARTech Energy Consultancy has developed its own SMART methodology to energy management and reduction. This methodology aims to help businesses to achieve total energy efficiency with minimum or no energy wastage.

Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

SMARTech energy Consultancy – Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)
The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme is a mandatory assessment and energy saving identification scheme. The aim is to cut carbon emissions by requiring large businesses to identify energy reduction measures and make energy savings.

Electrical Services

SMARTech energy – Electrical Services
SMARTech energy have a wealth of experience in helping businesses keep their premises and equipment running. At the same time we are constantly looking for opportunities for you to reduce your energy consumption.

Electric Saving Solutions

SMARTech energy’s range of air conditioning solutions
Energy Savings Solutions for businesses in Wiltshire & the South West. SMARTech energy offer a wide and varied range of business energy saving solutions to help you control and reduce your commercial electric consumption.

Gas Saving Solutions

SMARTech energy – Grants & Funding
SMARTech energy offer a range of Gas, LPG & Heating oil energy saving solutions which can help to reduce your energy consumption and in turn your energy, from 97% efficient boiler systems to insulated jackets.

Renewable Solutions

SMARTech energy – Electrical Services
SMARTech energy offer a range of renewable energy solutions from Solar PV to Biomass boilers we can help your business make the right choice when it come to renewable energy solutions.

Energy Grants & Funding

SMARTech energy – Grants & Funding

Benefit from the fully funded, shared savings Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS) solution, the Annual Investment Allowance and Green Loans for your energy efficiency projects

Accreditations & Awards

SMARTech energy – Grants & Funding
SMARTech energy’ s Accreditations & Awards. SMARTech energy’s award winning team are renowned for its collaborative working partnerships that deliver great results for our customers.

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