Save up to 33% on your refrigeration costs

SMART refrigeration

Refrigeration systems can account for as much as 40% of some businesses total energy consumption (quoted by the Carbon Trust). A refrigeration system commonly run cycles of cooling which switch on and off according to the fluctuations in air temperature, wasting money by making the unit work harder than it needs to.

The theory of refrigeration is simple… by maintaining the temperature of the ‘air’ inside the cabinet at a preset level it is anticipated that the food will also take on the same temperature. However, because air has a completely different thermal characteristic to almost all food products it is quite normal for the owner/operator to routinely take temperature samples of the stored food products via a hand held probe to ensure food is correctly preserved. So… we know that ‘air’ temperature is not an accurate measure of ‘food’ temperature.

Air entering a refrigerated space has very little thermal energy compared to the significantly greater thermal mass of most food products, and yet each time a door is opened and warm air comes into contact with the thermostat, there can be a fairly immediate response which leads to the compressor being energised even though the temperature of the food has not changed.

SMARTech energy has a SMART solution – SMART refrigeration energy saving solutions which is a temperature monitoring product designed to improve the efficiency of refrigeration systems by up to 33%, plus improve equipment performance and reliability – at the same time providing more accurate control of the temperature of stored food products.

To find out more and understand how much energy SMART refrigeration energy saving solutions can save your business contact us today.


  • Energy Savings of up to 33%
  • Provides more accurate food temperature control
  • Enable easy non-invasive measurement of food temperatures
  • Reduce heat, noise and vibration within the compressor
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Extend equipment life
  • Eligible for Carbon Trust energy efficiency loan
Energy Savings up to 33%
Reduce maintenance costs up to 50%
Extend equipment life up to 50%
Provide more accurate food temperature control up to 100%