Generate your own electricity



With energy prices increasing year on year, with the demand of electricity forever on the increase and threats of energy blackouts in the years to come, how can you have energy security for your business?

SMARTech energy has the SMART solution – Solar PV / Photovoltaics will enable your business to generate your own electricity and with the help of our energy management and reduction services you will never need to over invest in Solar PV system, as we can enable you to only install the required amount your business would consume after reducing all energy wastage..

SMARTech energy offers a turnkey solution at a fixed price, to enable you to concentrate on running your business. Why not finance the installation so that your company has no capital expenditure? SMARTech energy offers Carbon Trust energy efficient financing at very low rates, which will still enable you to get a payback of under 6 years on most solar PV systems.

Our turn-key packages are installed at a fixed price, include the following:

    • Solar PV panels
    • Inverters
    • DNO Grid connection and MCS registration
    • System design, installation, testing and project management
    • Commissioning to G83 or 59/2 17th edition IEE wiring regulations.
    • Provision of O&M manuals, working drawings and h&S information plus method statements
    • Scaffolding
    • 24 hour after sales support and online monitoring for duration of the installation warranty period

To find out more and understand how Solar PV could benefit your company, contact us today.


  • Get paid for the electricity you generate and use it for free.
  • Sell electricity back any excess electricity to the grid.
  • Receive Feed In Tariff (FIT) from the government for 20 years.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Increases your property value.
  • Eligible for Carbon Trust energy efficiency loan

Reduce your electricity utility bill by up to 100%
Get paid FIT for generating your own electricity 100%
improve your environmental impact by up to 50%
Increase your property value by as much as 50%