Boost Profits by Reducing Energy Consumption

Boost Profits by Reducing Energy Consumption

Whilst we enjoy the last vestiges of summer, it is not too long before we will see the evenings drawing in and the summer wardrobe being packed away.  The change in seasons will see more lighting being used, the heating turned on, and energy bills rise in many businesses across the UK.

Taking action now could boost your profits

According to the Carbon Trust a 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales for many businesses.  And yet, investment in energy efficiency does not always get airtime in the boardroom or find its way to the top of the management in-tray given the day to day business pressures.  So here are 7 business energy facts from the Carbon Trust you should know.

  • Heating typically accounts for about half of the energy used in offices.
  • Heating costs rise by about 8% for every 1°C of overheating.
  • Heating costs can increase by 30% or more if the boiler is poorly operated or maintained.
  • Lighting in a typical office costs about £3/m2 annually, but in most efficient offices only costs about £1/m2.
  • On average, 20% of the total energy bill in commercial offices is accounted for by office equipment – about half of this use stems from PCs and monitors. Simply switching computers off at nights and weekends can reduce energy consumption by 75%.
  • Motors in the factory/warehouse can consume their purchase price in energy costs in just a few weeks!
  • Compression air system leakage of 20% – 50% is not uncommon.

Whilst there are many quick, simple and low costs measures that businesses can take to reducing their energy consumption (and there are numerous tips available for these from the Carbon Trust, your energy supplier and others), adopting a strategic approach to energy consumption will inevitably yield the biggest savings.  The starting point here is to TAKE CONTROL and identify WHERE, WHEN and HOW your energy is being consumed and, most importantly, wasted.  Having data and analysis that can be provided through the installation of specialist energy monitoring equipment combined with in-depth site surveys can provide you with the data you need to make changes that will typically reduce energy consumption by 30% – 50% (and sometime more!).

If you want to boost profits through consuming less energy, why not contact us to find out more about our Energy Management Surveys.  For a no obligations conversation, please contact us through our website here or call us on 01225 635660.

E3 Biomass Combined Heat and Power Demonstration

E3 Biomass Combined Heat and Power Demonstration

SMARTech energy are delighted to announce that we are demonstrating an E3 biomass Combined Heat and Power Unit at Dorothy House, Winsley on Friday 18 March 2016.


This is an ideal opportunity for those with an interest in the technology to see the unit in operation and to understand how their organisation could benefit from installing an Entrade E3 CHP unit.

The E3 Biomass Combined Heat and Power CHP mobile plant is a solution which enables you to self-generate your own electricity with the option to have either heat or cooling. Furthermore, the payback for the Entrade E3 Biomass Combined Heat and Power CHP is usually 4 years with the current government renewable incentives. Current renewable incentives include:

  • RHI at 4.1 p/kWh for the gas generation,
  • Biogas combustion at 7.62 p/kWh and
  • Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC) at 8.423 p/kWh
  • Plus this gives the clients strong green credentials and income guaranteed for 20 years.

Why not come along to discuss how your organisation could benefit from generating its own energy and find out how much additional income you can make from the current government renewable incentives.

To express your interest and to book a time slot to view the unit, please register for the E3 Biomass Combined Heat and Power Demonstration on eventbright or contact SMARTech energy today.

To register on the E3 Biomass CHP event, please fill out the form below:


Sorry you missed the event 

To find out more about SMARTech energy’s Biomass Combined Heat and Power solutions  please contact us through our website or call us on 01225 635660.

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Each Biomass Combined Heat and Power unit works by converting biomass pellets and waste into a clean high-quality syngas, which is used to generate 50 kW of electric (400,000 kWh per year) and 120 kW of heat (1,040,000 kWh per year) or optionally up to 104 kW of cooling, based on a run time of 8000 hours. The units are modular, completely mobile and compact (i.e. housed in a 20” shipping container).  With few moving parts, the Biomass CHP units provide a safe and secure energy supply and operate in all corners of the world with an uptime at over 90%.

SMARTech energy at Number 10

SMARTech energy at Number 10

2016 started with an exciting opportunity for SMARTech energy as they attended an Enterprise Nation Visit to Number 10 Downing Street.

SMARTech energy attended a meeting at number 10 on Tuesday 5th January 2016 as part of an Enterprise Nation visit to Downing Street led by Enterprising Nation South West Champion Alison Edgar, founder of Sales Coaching Solutions.

SMARTech energy were chosen along with fourteen other entrepreneurs from the South West region to meet Daniel Korski, adviser to Prime Minster David Cameron to discuss how government policy affects small businesses in the region.

Delegates were chosen by Alison Edgar to represent the diversity of business in the area and had experience in diverse sectors such as technology, export, trades, manufacturing, apprenticeships and accountancy.

Stuart Pearce SMARTech energy Managing Director said,

“It was fantastic to visit Number 10 Downing Street and meet Daniel Korski who is one of the Prime Ministers advisors. The discussion amongst delegates was vibrant and I for one came away from the discussions optimistic that are points had been heard.

Enterprising Nation delegates were able to discuss issues that are critical to business not only in the south west region but nationally too.  Having the ear of one of the Prime Ministers advisors is important and allows the business community to engage with government.

Stuart Pearce, SMARTech energy Managing Director continued,

“We were delighted to have be selected along with a diverse range of businesses from the area and look forward to seeing how government policy develops.”

I would like to thank Enterprising Nation for coordinating this event and for providing the opportunity to the South West Business Community to put our concerns and praise to the government.”

2016 is set to be another exciting year for SMARTech energy and we look forward to keeping you up to date with news and industry developments on these pages.

Happy New Year!

To see what was discussed and to view pictures from the day please see the Enterprising Nation Blog.

SMARTech energy shortlisted for Energy Managers Association Private Sector Energy Management Award

SMARTech energy shortlisted for Energy Managers Association Private Sector Energy Management Award

SMARTech energy is pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for an Energy Managers Association Private Sector Energy Management Award.

The awards celebrate products, services, companies, energy managers, and energy management projects across many sectors.  The award winners and highly commended nominations will be announced on the 11 November at an awards ceremony in the ExCel exhibition Centre, London.  Awards will be judged by a panel of leading experts made up of the Energy Managers Association Board of Directors and presented by the EMA CEO, Lord Redesdale.

The Category that SMARTech energy have been shortlisted for is Energy Management Consultancy Service of the Year which recognises projects / services provided by an energy management consultancy company undertaking work  in the area of energy or carbon management on behalf of a client.

SMARTech energy Managing Director Stuart Pearce said, “We are really pleased to have made it this far with such a prestigious award.  The company is growing rapidly and with a fantastic team behind us we continue to make great strides in developing the business.  In recent months our client base has grown to include First Group, Longleat Enterprises, Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire Colleges.  We look forward to continuing to make substantial energy reductions for local businesses and providing quantifiable data to help make informed business decisions.  Our 9-step methodology is a critical part in our customer management process and delivers quantifiable results. From the moment that we launched this methodology, our clients understood that we were different from our competitors and that they were our priority. We are passionate about engaging with our clients and by following our methodology, ensure that they can gain maximum savings, both money and energy.”

On behalf of SMARTech energy we pass our congratulations to other shortlisted companies and look forward to hearing the results on the 11 November.



SMARTech energy at the South West Business and Community Expo

SMARTech energy at the South West Business and Community Expo

SMARTech energy are participating at the South West Business and Community Expo on Thursday 24th September at the Steam Museum in Swindon.

With 210 exhibitors, 18 Keynotes, 21 Workshops, 9 Speed Networking Sessions and 2,200 delegates the event promises to be exciting and a great opportunity to see the diverse range of business that Wiltshire and Swindon has to offer.

The free to attend to event offers a great opportunity for you to meet other business, network, and obtain advice and information to help your business continue its growth in these challenging times.

Why not come along and visit the SMARTech energy stand to hear about energy savings for business and how your business could reduce energy consumption by between 30-50%.  Our experts will be on hand to discuss how your business could not only save energy, but reduce its energy bills and carbon footprint too.

SMARTech energy has worked with a variety of business and organisations and our experienced consultants will be able to highlight quick wins to enable you to start saving energy straight away! For example, do you know how much energy your business uses when it is shut? Do you know exactly how, where and when energy is used? To achieve the best energy reductions, SMARTech energy provides you with facts and quantifiable data that feeds into an energy plan. When delivered through our unique Nine Step Methodology, significant energy savings for business can be made.

If you cannot make the EXPO but would like to take control of your energy costs, rein in all those energy leakages then contact SMARTech energy today to arrange a free no obligation consultation to discuss your Energy Management Survey and how our SMART methodology can save your business up to 50% of your current energy consumption

For further information and to book your place please see the South West Business and Community Expo website –