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Average 86%

"The key thing is we were impressed by the extent, and quality, of information in the ESOS report. That was good and we were very pleased with that. It's early days and we went to them specifically to get the ESOS report done. SMARTech are professional, turn up when they say they will, and their report was comprehensive so they're obviously very knowledgeable in their area. The ESOS report more than met our expectations, and gave us suggestions for savings which we implemented ourselves".

Kate Wisniewski, SCISYS UK Limited

"SMARTech energy are knowledgeable about their area of work and also flexible in terms of the way of achieving objectives. You can actually have good discussions about what you're trying to achieve and then set objectives with their expert advice. Health and Safety wise they will comply with what you require which is a big deal. We've been able to achieve a couple of capital projects with SMARTech which have benefited not only the working environment but also energy usage. We have used a similar service provider before and they just were not on the same level. I think the previous service felt more like one off jobs rather than a partnership like we have with SMARTech energy".

Alan Davies, Summit Chairs Ltd

"As a business, its the finished product that stands out and the effect its had on the business - the aesthetics, the change to the look of the factory. The business has benefited from a lift of morale from enhancing the lighting within the factory and obviously the cost savings. We use an energy consultant and they did a tender between SMARTech energy and another company and it was their recommendation that we use SMARTech energy. We're commissioning them again (SMARTech energy) for more lighting works".

Richard Birkin, The Alan Nuttall Partnership Ltd

"SMARTech energy come across as being very knowledgeable and very professional. We're still in the estimate stage but we're hoping to save energy costs. We've used others in the past, and SMARTech energy were slightly cheaper on overall costs, plus they're a local company so they're better located to be able to pop in quite easily easily".

Daniel Flower, CPI Anthony Rowe

"SMARTech are local and I like supporting a local businesses. They are also quite cost effective, I think they offer quite good value for money. It just means over time it will help our environmental impact, but also will be more cost effective for us too."

Dan Barfoot, CMD Recruitment Ltd

"SMARTech energy are in touch with all the new technology - and available government funding to help our business. We had LED lighting installed which is saving us energy. SMARTech energy are a bit more attentive at getting quotes in than other electrical companies".

Gary Doulton, GJ Farming Ltd

"SMARTech energy are very thorough with the detail they provide on the projects we've been running across the site. We've seen some benefits but we're still working through them, which is taking longer than anticipated, but it's moving and getting some traction now".

Barry Wilson, Framptons Ltd

"I know Stuart from when he started the business.  We were probably one of his first customers, and he has a real can do approach.

He very quickly understands what our needs and priorities are and finds us appropriate prices and solutions. He continues to follow up to make sure we're satisfied with what he's given us - and to come to us with new ideas for how he can help us.

We have focused on improving our efficiency.  We did a full review of our utilities consumption and switched out a lot of our lighting and so forth over the last 4 years which has saved us costs.

I haven't directly used any other similar services personally, but I know there are other providers.  However, I think Stuart not only provides good information to assure us of the effectiveness of his proposals, but he's happy to do that in different ways to meet our needs. Also, as an individual Stuart has been a big supporter of our charity, both in his pricing to us, but also in introducing us to his network of customers and contacts - and I much appreciate that as well."

Tony Dejeager, Dorothy House

"SMARTech are easy to work with and they listen to what you're talking about and seem to fulfil your requirements adequately. We've had several issues and problems with extractions systems for our workshops. SMARTech energy have come, evaluated the job and made recommendations which we've taken on board - so they've been very good. We do have similar providers and they're all very good for their own niche in the marketplace.  SMARTech energy do a lot to do with extraction systems and heating so we use them where we need that. The staff at SMARTech energy are all very helpful".

Adrian Brewer, The Hillbrush Company Ltd

"SMARTech energy are helpful.  If I can't get the help I'm after I ring Stuart, the boss and he always sorts it out for me. SMARTech energy have saved us money on our air conditioning in the server room. We had a different company install the same type of air conditioning in our offices and the service was very poor so we switched to SMARTech energy".

Lee Cook, CFH Docmail Limited

"I like the fact that I'm able to speak to either the main guy, Stuart, or others within the team. Whenever I go into SMARTech energy I meet either Stuart or the team and I can discuss any issues with them. I think we've been pointed in a much greener direction for some of our nurseries in terms of the work they've carried out. We'd never worked with an energy company in the past. SMARTech energy are the first company that we've asked to look at our energy consumption in the nursery. We were drawn to SMARTech enegy by the fact that they were a local company, and we had a conversation with them about some work that we wanted done at one of the nurseries and they seemed very knowledgeable, plus I liked the way they presented their case to me. Their presentation was excellent. Whenever we have an issue we can phone directly and get through to them, and if there's anything I've asked them they generally get back to me fairly quickly. SMARTech energy have generally come up with solutions that we need for the issues that we raise to them, and of coarse they've also come up with some solutions to other issues which we didn't realise they could handle; essentially they've widened their approach to us in some respects and in the same aspect they've widened the services we expect from them; it's not just energy saving now, it's going up to electrical management and keeping all the nursery electrics up to standard".

Paul Collard, Snapdragon Nurseries

"I like the depth of the investigation that SMARTech energy do before they make a proposal: It shows that they're understanding our problems and creating a solution that's based around our needs rather than just trying to sell us something out of the box. Also it forms the basis of a specification so that if what they install doesn't work as they've said it will, it's not down to us to spend more money trying to get it to the level we thought it would be at. It makes it really clear what we're buying into.
SMARTech energy have helped us to save energy and they've also helped us to improve the working conditions with the ventilation system they've installed.
I like the fact that they're local to where I am which makes it easy because they can come to site regularly. Also we are quite a large business and I try, where possible, to spend our money locally".

Martin Waller, Herman Miller

"SMARTech are efficient, they communicate well and they're experts in their field. They've enabled us to be more energy efficient, and helped us to get over some energy issues we had. We have used similar companies in the past, but SMARTech are more up to date and more knowledgeable about the subjects".

Chris Perry, Corsham Print

"What stands out about SMARTech energy is their professionalism and enthusiasm. I know Stuart very well and he's very dedicated to his customers, very enthusiastic and he provides an excellent service - his awards are testament to that. My business has benefited through cost reduction and greater knowledge of smarter energy".

Chris Perry, Corsham Print

"SMARTech energy are very local to us and they were quite quick to respond to what we needed. We had some lights installed so it's made the lighting nicer. They were so old we just needed someone to come and update them a bit. The whole process was absolutely great; SMARTech energy were nice and easy to deal with and get the order placed. We didn't have too much input really, they gave a quote and then came out and did it".

James Eades, Systemagic Ltd

"Our site needed a solution that could help us to identify where energy was being used to assist with identifying improvement opportunities.
SMARTech energy worked with us to tailor an energy monitoring solution that aligned with our operational needs.
Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the way they listened to our requirements and delivered a solution that met them.
Communication with the team has always been professional and helpful and I highly recommend SMARTech energy for their excellent service."

David Lambert (Project Engineer), Apetito

"SMARTech energy's quick response, clear communication, and impressive service delivery has demonstrated to us as a company, their commitment to providing excellent customer service and expertise in energy management. It's especially noteworthy that both our team of electricians at Dennis Maps and our Managing Director have been very impressed by SMARTech energy's quality of service.

The team at Dennis Maps Limited really appreciate the knowledge and expertise that SMARTech energy brings to the table and we will continue to benefit from the valuable support they provide."

Naomi Gilson, Dennis Maps Ltd