Warminster Leisure Centre’s sports hall light levels significantly improved with new energy efficient LED Lighting

Warminster Leisure Centre wanted to improve the lighting levels within their multi-purpose sports hall.  Increased maintenance costs due to inefficiency from old lighting technology and degrading light levels from the existing 250W induction lights meant that the sports hall was not illuminated sufficiently.

The brief was to upgrade existing lighting and to bring it in line with Sport England’s recommended light level of 500 lux output to accommodate a range of sports; from badminton to five-a-side football.

How We Helped

SMARTech energy were asked to design an energy efficient lighting solution which delivers high illuminance levels, minimises glare and shadow and ensures that the sports hall is as evenly lit as possible.

The solution included 12 x 200 Watt SMART Skybay LED lights and 6 x 120 Watt SMART Vision LED lights which reduced dark areas of the sports hall and improved the overall light uniformity; giving players a consistent level of visibility, without sudden breaks caused by lighting level drops such as flickering.

SMARTech energy’s installation team worked closely with the Leisure Centre’s management and were able to deliver the install programme to ensure that the sports hall remained operational throughout and with no loss of revenue to the venue and inconvenience to their customers.

Benefits of LED Lighting Solutions

The LED lighting upgrade has transformed the multi-purpose sports hall into a bright and attractive leisure space. With the improved energy efficient lighting levels immediately apparent, the solutions installed have also created significant energy and financial savings.  SMARTech energy predict that Warminster Leisure Centre’s yearly energy consumption within the sports hall area alone, will be reduced by 28% with a reduction in CO2 emissions of 2.1 tonnes per year.

Benefits of SMART Skybay LED Lights and SMART Vision LED Lights

  • Excellent colour rendering – improved safety
  • Low power consumption – reduced energy bills, reduced CO2
  • Long life, reduced maintenance costs – low running costs

The image below shows the dramatic lighting improvement within the sports hall.

Pre Installation Image of Warminster Leisure Centre’s Sports Hall

Post Installation Image of Warminster Leisure Centre’s Sports Hall

SMARTech energy adhere to the recommendations of Sport England and The Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers (CIBSE) good practice guide; which encourages sporting centres to consider current guidelines on lighting levels.

Can we help you?

Our case study on SMARTech energy’s work with Warminster Leisure Centre tells the story of how we helped improve their lighting levels to meet Sport England’s recommended light output and reduce their energy consumption in more depth. If you would like to reduce energy waste, boost profits and cut carbon emissions then why not contact us to find out more about our SMART Energy Management Service.  As a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier, we can also help most businesses access a 15% capital grant (up to a limit of £10,000) towards the cost of energy saving projects. Please contact us through our website or call us on 01225 635660.