Is your business being affected by the rising cost of energy?

SMARTech energy have had a lot of enquiries over the past few weeks from companies requesting urgent help to reduce their business energy consumption – and especially following the news this week that the Government’s business energy support is set to be reduced from April.

Long-term uncertainty of energy prices

In some cases, business energy bills are tripling and the long-term uncertainty of energy prices means that the need to act to reduce energy consumption and therefore energy costs is as acute as ever.

Reduce energy consumption

Our energy consultancy team have been working with high energy use organisations across the UK to develop energy management strategies which are proven to cut energy consumption and which make a huge difference to a site’s operating costs.

And it’s not about making one or two changes, it’s about looking at a site with an holistic approach to get the most energy savings possible.

Energy efficient technologies

Reducing a site’s total energy consumption is what really lowers a business’s exposure to a volatile energy market and it’s the development of energy management strategies and the installation of energy efficient technologies which is what is really helping businesses and organisations to save energy, save money and save carbon.

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