Are high energy costs fuelling concern for your business in 2024?

Energy management and reduction specialist SMARTech energy guarantees to reduce energy costs for manufacturing and commercial sites by up to 33% through energy efficient technology upgrades and solutions.

How businesses can save energy costs

Energy is one of the most significant costs for a business and reducing it can have a positive impact on an organisation’s profits.

If your energy bills are more than £100,000 per year, then SMARTech energy can guarantee to reduce your organisation’s energy costs, consumption and carbon by a third.

SMARTech energy does this through a combination of bespoke energy management strategies and the installation of one or more of 34 energy-saving and energy-generating technology upgrades and solutions..

Energy Monitoring benefits for manufacturing and commercial sites

All programmes start with a site survey and the installation of energy monitoring to identify how, where and why energy is being used – or wasted.  The data from this then supports an energy management strategy which utilises one of more of 34 energy-saving and energy-generating technologies to optimise the performance and operating conditions of a site.

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