SMARTech energy secures multi-site solar PV installation for Swindon-based construction firm Beard.

Swindon-based construction firm Beard have contracted energy management and reduction specialist SMARTech energy to design and install solar PV systems for their sites in Guildford, Oxford and Swindon which will benefit their running costs and reliance on the grid.

Financial, Environmental and Sustainability

The investment into energy efficiency measures and renewable power forms a part of the company’s five-year sustainability plan, which was prepared by SMARTech energy and which recognises the need to drive efficiencies – from both a financial and environmental perspective and energy sustainability.

Combat rising energy prices and net zero pressures

The most recent installation of 39 x 415W solar panels at their Swindon site will produce more than 14,000kWh of renewable electricity per year helping to combat rising energy prices and net zero pressures.

Save Energy, Save Money and Save Carbon

Seth Robinson, Senior Energy Consultant for SMARTech energy said “It has been a great project to win.  We are delighted to support a local Wiltshire-based company with their energy reduction solutions.  The installation of solar panels will help Beard to make their sites more sustainable by reducing their overall carbon emissions, energy costs and impact on the environment.”

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