‘Going green’ is a decision we all need to make.

It’s fairly unsurprising news that 2023 has been confirmed as the world’s hottest year on record.  (The BBC).  2023 confirmed as world’s hottest year on record – BBC News

Energy-saving and energy-generating technology for businesses

Science has very much confirmed that the window for taking action to reduce our impact on the planet is closing rapidly.  Advancements in cleaner, energy efficient technologies mean we are at a stage where we can actively and easily reduce carbon emissions which power commercial sites.

Reduce business energy consumption

We’ve been working with high energy-use organisations across the UK to develop energy management strategies which have been proven to cut energy consumption by up to 33%.

Our team do this through our shared-savings energy management programme called Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS). They develop energy management strategies which utilise the use of one or more of 34 energy-saving and energy-generating technologies.

Holistic approach to energy management

It’s not about making one or two changes, it’s about looking at a site with an holistic approach to get the most energy savings possible and which make a huge difference to energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions.

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