SMARTech energy is celebrating its eighth anniversary with new staff and strong growth

Energy Management and Reduction specialist SMARTech energy is celebrating its eighth anniversary in style with a new office and three new staff members.

Founding Director of SMARTech energy Stuart Pearce, formed the company in 2014 with the objective to build a business that would offer comprehensive energy management and reduction for commercial businesses – by substantially cutting carbon emissions and reducing energy consumption costs by as much as 20%-50% year on year.

Over the past eight years, SMARTech energy has partnered with organisations across the UK to create bespoke energy reduction strategies; which is led by the company’s investment into the research and development of low-carbon technologies, sustainability solutions and best practice towards environmental policies.

In contrast to its humble beginnings as a “one-man-start-up”, the company now employs 11 staff members at its new office on the Sheldon Business Park in Chippenham.

Employing experts in energy consultancy, digital support, marketing and accountancy, MD Stuart Pearce states “It’s this talented team, together with loyal clients and a commitment to make a difference to the environment that has built a strong foundation for the future of the company”.

Evolving with the times

The current energy crisis, its impact on UK industry and the demand for energy efficient technologies means SMARTech energy are more connected than ever before; with many clients having to reduce their energy costs and consumption in order to survive.

The launch of Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS) in 2020 has been pivotal in helping organisations to tackle high energy consumption and costs.  Requiring zero CapEx, the ‘as a service’ model removes any financial, risk or lease barriers and has enabled organisations such as University Technical College Swindon to roll out an energy management programme without financial burden and save more than 43% on energy consumption and 237 tonnes of carbon over a 10-year plan.

Managing Director Stuart Pearce beams “Its these type of savings which reaffirms the company’s vision and mission statement; To take great care and pride in solving our clients’ problems.  Partnering with them to achieve their cost efficiency, energy security and environmental goals”.

Stuart ends “So happy 8th anniversary to SMARTech energy.  Well done to all our team and thank you to all of our clients for being a part of our business journey.  We appreciate your commitments and support over the years and we’re excited for the opportunities which lay ahead”.