Is ESOS Phase 3 Compliance on your radar?

With less than a year to go until the deadline for compliance of #esos Phase 3, our Lead Assessors are working with clients across the country to carry out the mandatory energy assessment scheme.

Stonegate Farmers

Our team have just been onsite with Stonegate Farmers – a free-range and organic egg specialist based in Wiltshire.

ESOS Compliance

We worked with their team on previous ESOS reporting and consider the #compliance to be far more than a box ticking exercise – and more of an understanding of energy saving opportunities; enabling us to identify how, when and where energy is being used – or wasted.

Energy Monitoring

Our onsite engineers have recently installed energy monitoring technology to assess and identify the energy used across the site’s buildings and industrial processes. Once our energy consultancy team have analysed the data, the final report will enable us to make measured and verified recommendations which not only achieves compliance, but can help Stonegate Farmers to save energy, save money and save carbon.

So what is ESOS?

Launched in 2014, the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is the Government response to an energy efficiency directive – which is designed to support energy efficiency measures in the UK’s commercial and industrial sectors.

We’re currently in Phase 3 and if your business fits the following criteria, then you’ll need to comply:

  • Employs 250 or more people?
  • Has an annual turnover in excess of £44 million, and an annual balance sheet total in excess of £38 million

When to start the ESOS process

Known as the reference period. The energy data used as the basis for Phase 3 reporting should be based on a 12-month period that includes the qualification date of 31st December 2022 and ends before the compliance date of 5th December 2023.

Contact our ESOS Lead Assessor for more information on 01225 635 660 or email us through the Contact Us page.