Wiltshire-based energy management and reduction specialist SMARTech energy are working with one of the UK’s largest fast food retailers to manage and reduce their energy consumption and waste through the installation of energy monitoring and energy conservation measures, including voltage optimisation.

The project covers the design, delivery and installation of Eniscope monitoring equipment across multiple sites in the UK of a well known global fast-food brand – with the aim to investigate and quantify potential energy savings and recommend energy saving measures.

Fast food outlets are inherently high users of energy and reducing it makes complete business sense; not only to save money, but to reduce carbon emissions – which in turn, enhances the business’s reputation as a sustainable operation.

MD of SMARTech energy said “We’ve found that one of the major barriers to an organisation reducing their energy consumption is the lack of information or know-how.  Businesses across all sectors are initially concerned about the anticipated costs to implement energy saving initiatives, but it’s technologies such as the Eniscope real time energy monitoring system which track energy usage, that gives credible information on energy wastage and consumption.  Its this data which helps key decision makers to make change for the long term and generate immediate financial return”.

The installation of energy monitoring is a fairly simple process.  The current transformers (CT’s) are attached to the main incoming supply and other key circuits; allowing real-time information to be accessed, displayed and recorded using an analytics software.  It tracks energy consumption for all the key circuits – such as air conditioning, refrigeration, lighting and kitchen appliances – whilst the voltage optimisation installation improves energy efficiency by optimising the incoming site voltage to the recommended level.

Formed in 2014, SMARTech energy has firmly established itself as a key player in the energy management and reduction sector and brings together expertise, technology, innovation and installation services which guarantee a cost effective approach to the implementation of energy management; helping organisations to cut carbon emissions, reduce costs and energy consumption.

Ultimately, Stuart adds, “Innovative energy saving technologies which help to reduce carbon emissions and cut costs are shown to improve business profitability – and not only on the bottom line, but also enabling new business growth and productivity”.