Chippenham-based energy management and reduction specialist SMARTech energy is celebrating 10 years in business. Founder and MD Stuart Pearce launched the company with the ambitious mission to transform how businesses and organisations across the UK achieve their sustainability, financial and environmental goals.

Energy management and reduction

Over the past decade, the company has made significant strides in energy efficiency and carbon reduction, driven by its flagship programme Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS). This is a shared savings, energy management programme and has achieved energy reduction targets of 15% to 33% across various commercial sectors; from manufacturing to hotel and leisure sites and offers a cost-effective energy management solution for businesses.

MD Stuart Pearce states “I have enormous pride in the company’s achievements over the past 10 years. This is a significant milestone for the company, and the efficiency gains, which my team at SMARTech energy has delivered, will have a lasting long-term impact for our clients in their bid to tackle climate change and improve financial sustainability through reduced energy consumption, costs and carbon”.

Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS)

SMARTech energy’s client base now includes prominent brands such as Apetito, Retrac, Herman Miller and the Activate Learning Education Trust (ALET), all of which have seen substantial energy savings. The EEaaS programme stands out by eliminating financial and operating barriers for organisations. It offers a no-capital expenditure option, finance-leasing and risk-free solution, enabling clients to receive a percentage of the savings achieved. Utilising a comprehensive array of more than 34 energy-saving and energy-generating technologies, the programme optimises site performance and operating conditions.

This strategic approach not only addresses the challenges of capital, experience and resource within an organisation, but also adapts to the evolving energy cost environment, providing financial flexibility and comprehensive energy-saving solutions. The results are evident within a few short months, significantly aiding businesses in reducing energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions.

Strong growth for the company

Demand for integrated energy management and reduction solutions has served as SMARTech energy’s driver for success.  The company has achieved growth of a 27% increase in turnover.  Additionally, the investment into the EEaaS programme in order to support our customers, has doubled the company’s assets in the form of energy-saving technology which has been installed on customer sites.

Stuart continues “Through EEaaS, SMARTech energy has effectively set a new standard for the cost-effective delivery of an energy management programme to meet the energy reduction targets across commercial sectors.  The outputs we have achieved for our customers are remarkable and these energy saving gains will have a lasting, long-term impact on our clients’ cost efficiency, energy security and environmental goals.”

Team celebration

To celebrate this milestone, the SMARTech energy team engaged in a team-building fun day at Team Pursuits in Lacock, Wiltshire, reinforcing the collaborative spirit that has driven the company’s success.

As SMARTech energy commemorates this decade of achievements, it continues to empower UK industries to build an energy-efficient, low-carbon future, cementing its role as a leading specialist in energy management and reduction.