28% verified Energy Savings for Hotel Group

SMARTech energy’s team of specialist energy consultants have helped a major hotel chain to save 28% in energy consumption at one of their leading sites in Buckinghamshire.

With Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service, the hotel has had access to state-of-the-art energy efficient technology without any upfront costs.

An initial site survey and installation of energy monitoring technology identified the following technologies across the hotel for upgrades.

  • LED lighting upgrade

Energy consumption reduced by 79%

  • Gas boiler system upgrade

Energy consumption reduced by 40%

  • Thermal insulation jacket

Energy consumption reduced by 10%

Measurement and Verification of Electricity and Gas Energy Data

The energy savings are measured and verified using the International Performance Measurement Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

This protocol sets out how measurement and verification (M&V) is to be conducted and includes baselines, site data and the utility calculations used to show true savings.

The following graphs represent a reporting period from June 2021 to May 2022.

The top line on the graph is the adjusted baseline energy usage of kWhs used if upgrades to low-carbon technologies were not carried out.

The bottom line on the graph is the actual measured energy usage on utility bills following technology upgrades.

Verified Combined Energy Savings of 28%

Upgrades of gas and electricity technologies to low-carbon solutions have proven energy savings of 28% and with no upfront costs, finance leasing or risk, Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service is the economical way to make change.

The energy savings pay for the installation, maintenance and management of the low carbon technologies; allowing the hotel group to enjoy the benefits of an energy reduction and sustainability programme.


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